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The most popular positions

The place for huge quesadillas, tacos and dips is simply called Taco Taco tequeria



Mild camembert, mozzarella and cheddar with blue onions under a spicy hot honeys auce in a crispy tortilla. Serve with a slice of chili pepper and fresh cilantro on top. Served with Cilantro Lime rice.

245 uah.


Hum with Smoky Red Chimichuri sauce in tortilla, with beans, sweet corn, mozzarella, chopped blue onions and garlic in a Cilantro Lime sauce. A slice of chili and fresh cilantro on top for spiciness. Serve with rice with lime sauce — Cilantro Lime rice.

245 uah.


Fried chicken, corn and sweet pineapple in Smoky Red Chimichuri sauce under mozzarella cheese with garlic and chipotle sauce. A slice of chili and fresh cilantro on top for spiciness. Serve with Cilantro Lime rice.

245 uah.


Hummus, corn, cherry tomatoes, beans, pico de gayo with blue onions, all covered in Smoky Red Chimichuri sauce and wrapped in a thin wheat tortilla. A slice of chili and fresh cilantro on top for spiciness. Served with guacamole and carrot fries.

210 uah.

Something from Mexico


Tiger prawns combined with guacamole and carrot fries, wrapped in a tortilla, combined with cilantro lime sauce and pico de gayo. Add salad mix with honey chili sauce. Served with mango-habanero sauce, cilantro and chili.

360 uah.

Burrito Chicken 'n' Cheese

Grilled chicken with crispy cheddar nuggets, Smoked Mayo sauce, mozzarella, green onions, and pickles. Served with French fries, cheese sauce, chipotle sauce, cilantro, and chili pepper.

305 uah.


Chicken with mozzarella, cheese sauce, corn and tortilla, mixed salad, pickled cucumber, fresh tomatoes and handmade Cilantro Lime sauce. Served with cilantro on top.

280 uah.


Chicken with almonds, olives, spicy jalapeños, pelati tomatoes and raisins, cheddar, chopped onions and garlic - tightly wrapped in a crispy wheat tortilla. A thick cheese sauce with cilantro and pico de gayo complements this taste.

295 uah.


Burrito with chili con carne, beans, cheese, Cilantro Lime rice, cheddar cheese, pico de gayo and pickled onions with Carolina Mustard sauce.

275 uah.


Crispy carrots and fries with cilantro lime sauce, corn, blue onions and cheese. A slice of chili and fresh cilantro on top for spiciness.

99 uah.

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