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Mexican Alberto and Vasyl met somewhere between Mexico and Lviv in the distant past. At first there was a lot of tequila and nachos between them, and in the morning came Taco Taco. This is authentic Mexican food near your home, amigo. I saw with my own eyes how a ton of cornmeal was smuggled from the hottest part of Mexico. Oh, that was another sight! Then it got really hot in the kitchen windows and gave birth to such spicy tacos that the dragon’s flame is no match for it. And I also saw how Vasyl and Alberto opened a tequila channel in that establishment, the Bosphorus is relaxing compared to that beauty.

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Amigo, they opened at the address Brativ Rohatyntsiv, 9, and there was no such thing in this city yet. At first, nothing unusual happened at Taso Taso, except that Frida Kahlo came here for lunch and sat at the same table with Alberto, laughing loudly. The cowboys would take off their hats when they entered here and start greeting each other loudly in Spanish: Hola, amigo!, they shouted. This place used to make the best tacos in town and they say nothing has changed for a long, long time. I swear, amigo. This place of hot, sweet churros, huge quesadillas, tacos and dips is called a taqueria and to the locals it’s simply called Taco Taco. Maseca. Sounds like the name of the prettiest waitress in the place, who knows all the cowboys by name and the amount of pepper in their quesadillas. But Maseca is even better. Real Mexican flour from which Taso Taso chefs make tortillas according to grandmother Eloise’s old Mexican recipe. Crispy tostados, soft tortillas that are wrapped in a warm towel – this is the temptation of all taqueria amigos. Legends are made about Maseca. But why should you listen to legends, get to know her better at


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